Namastusik is a unique space for exploring our consciousness, through movement, breathing and nudity.


A space where you can reach the mountains peak, without becoming a monk.

Naked Yoga is a powerful class aimed to expand and release our consciousness, through movement, breathing, meditation, and nudity.

The purpose of being naked and combining it with yoga is to unite our inner being with our body, our higher self with our physical self, our crown with our anus. 

Through the use of Shadow work, Nemo Sun guides each session, he leads us into a shamanic, tantric and energetic journey, to awaken our subconscious and the deepest parts of who we are so that we can bring in more light. This, in turn, allows us to raise our frequency to a more loving and serene vibration.

For us to enjoy this powerful journey into ourselves, it is important to realize that this is not a regular yoga class. It is an experience of exploring our inner self, through observation and breathing, whilst being completely naked.

We begin each class by sitting in meditation and learning about spiritual philosophy, which slowly allows us to begin our inner process, from a meditative state. Only when the light is dimmed and the special instruction is given by Nemo, we devote ourselves to the undressing ceremony. Along with our clothes, we also shed our fears and inhibitions. That is when the journey truly begins...

The naked yoga classes take place in Florentine (Tel Aviv), in Studio Namastusik - an amazing studio where participants come to experience awakening processes, shamanic and tantric practices and an opportunity to experience themselves in a new frequency - the transition from suffering, to freedom and bliss.

The duration of the class is 1.5 hours, and all participants are welcome to stay for tea, snacks, and companionship.

How did it all begin?

Namastusik was created in 2016 by Bar and Nemo. After practicing and teaching daily yoga classes in her small home-based studio, Bar was still searching for a way to release herself from suffering and was perpetually wondering: Is it possible to live in harmony and awareness, here in the physical realm, or is it merely a choice between high and low?

The pain Bar experienced from her inner division between her spiritual and physical world led her to Nemo and the immediate recognition that he is the right person to lead her on her path.

The connection between Nemo and his student Bar, was instant, like a father-child, a master and student.

The world of tantric yoga magically transformed Bars life and ignited the creation of Namastusik - the Consciously Naked Yoga sessions, taught by Nemo Sun. They quickly became intense sessions that allow participants to evolve and free themselves. Through the classes, Nemo began teaching how to find balance and love in our day to day lives.

What makes the naked yoga classes a “spiritual journey” into yourself?

Through the yoga, the nudity and Nemo's guidance to inner attention, we learn how to recognize and contain the emotions that arise within us.

With movement, breathing, and meditation, we strengthen our body, raise our energy, connect to our inner depths and bring light to our dark and hidden parts.
Tantric yoga is an exciting path of coming home, to the energy of love, freedom, and harmony within us.

Shamanic tantric depth work - a vision of a new frequency

The purpose of the Naked yoga class is to get out of and expand our comfort zone, by flooding emotional and psychological triggers. 

Meditation enables us to release social programming, from our childhood and adulthood, so we can return to our innocence, our simplicity and our inner peace.

"Know thyself". Meditation helps us to get to know who we are, or more

accurately - who we are not, and allows us to recreate ourselves. It brings us the freedom to breathe, express, and meet ourselves, who we truly are, naked, beneath all of the stories we tell ourselves.

We bring light and awareness to our most inner, hidden, dark and subconscious parts.

Our vision is to expose more people to this wonderful gift. We want to share this amazing gift of healing and serenity with the rest of the world, and allow more people to experience the classes.

The classes help us heal anything that might cause disharmony in our system. The balance between yoga and nudity creates a unique connection between our crown and anus, the spiritual and the material, the higher self and the self that just wants to be loved and feel desired.

Freedom is a big word, the road to it takes time and patience, step by step, breath by breath, together with acceptance and courage.

We peel our physical layer, remove our emotional guards and mental defense mechanisms, so we may discover who we truly are, every day.





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